​​​Expats of Pakakuna

​​​​Pakakuna Gardens Homes for Sale in Ecuador

​​​Imagine living in a botanical gardens. What a place to retire....

Pakakuna Botanical Gardens ​​


“We found Pakakuna while visiting family who live here. We fell in love with the place. The gardens, the quiet, the high vibe energy, the climate - everything about it is what we have always dreamed of. After spending a few years in Cuenca, the warmth of Pakakuna was a huge relief.”

C. and L. Smith, retired , 1 year residents

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This is the dream of the owners of Pakakuna Gardens, who have dedicated 25 years to creating perfection.  It was only a few years ago that they began offering other homeowners a chance to enjoy this utopia for themselves. The gardens have more than 500 species of plants and flowers. Many small lagoons and streams breath life into every aspect of the property. How is it that so many exotic plants from all around the world have adapted to this paradise? The personal touch and energy thrown into the project by these visionary owners, Claus and Maria Elena Egger.​ For a wonderful article about Claus and Maria Elena, and their creation of Pakakuna Gardens, Click Here.

Pakakuna, which means "the hiding place" in Quechua, (a language spoken by several indigenous groups in South America,) is nearly 80 acres of gardens and is the largest in Ecuador and South America. It is one of the most beautiful and diverse gardens to be found anywhere in the world. A staff of over 20 gardeners work daily to keep it groomed and breathtaking. Strolling through the park-like environment is a daily activity for residents, stopping at various benches set perfectly for viewing the lush greenery.​ Motorized vehicles are left in the parking area near the front gate, and golf carts or walking are the way to get around. Waking up to the morning chorus of bird songs is our privilege here at Pakakuna.

There is an amazing energy here that you have to experience to comprehend. You can feel it - walking through the gardens is cosmic, it is universal.  Something you can only understand once you have been here and can live and feel the Pakakuna experience.  It is all you need to make you want to stay.

Pakakuna Gardens is protected on 3 sides by deep canyons that offer stunning views of Tumbaco Canyon, and  Quito can be seen in the distance. For those who desire to change their hectic and stressful existence to lives of relaxation and serenity, this is about as close to heaven on earth as you can get.