​​​Expats of Pakakuna

​​​​Pakakuna Gardens Homes for Sale in Ecuador

It takes a special kind of person to relocate to a new country, an adventurer. Even so, moving to another country can be a daunting task, and we are here to help. We have all been through what you are about to embark upon and can guide you to make things easier. Once you purchase at Pakakuna, our team will step in to help make your move as smooth as possible, if you want our assistance. There are so many things to consider, some of which you have already considered and some you may not have even thought about.

As construction on your villa begins, we will be your eyes and ears and will oversee progress on a daily basis.  


​One of the first and most important issues to address is your residency visa. We know a wonderful lawyer in Quito who speaks fluent English and can help you with all of your paperwork and obtaining your visa. It would be a good idea to contact him before your move so that whatever documents you need from your home country can be obtained and certified before you even leave.

Shipping Household Goods

​Some people come to Ecuador with only suitcases in hand and buy everything here, while others choose to bring a shipping container. We can introduce you to companies that specialize in shipping into Ecuador from other countries.


​We are a pet friendly community and many of our residents have dogs and cats. Check with your airline for specific travel arrangements to be made for your furry family member. After you arrive, we can help you with different local vet options, as well as pet food and other pet supplies.


​We can direct you to the local hospitals and pharmacies, so that you feel comfortable with the local healthcare. There is a country-wide government sponsored healthcare insurance called IESS which is inexpensive and comprehensive, even including most dental procedures. We can help get you signed up. There are also a number of private insurance options.

Opening a Bank Account

​It is not as simple to open a bank account in Ecuador as it is in the United States or Canada. We can assist you in getting your account(s) open.

Shopping Options

​We will show you all of your shopping options, including large malls close by, modern grocery stores, open-air markets. hardware stores, health food stores, etc. Whatever you are looking for, we can help you find it.


​We will help get you set up with the local transportation. There is a taxi service in Checa who will come right to your villa. Then, you can either ride with them to your destination, or have them drop you at the bus stop in Checa, where you can go to all the surrounding areas and to Quito.

​We can also help you to purchase a car if you wish, by introducing you to an experienced facilitator who will provide transportation and translating services, as well as helping you get your car registered.

Driver's License

​Many of us have obtained our driver's licenses in Ecuador and will be happy to help you get yours. Even if you speak very little Spanish, it can be done.

Restaurants Nearby

​There are many restaurants in our surrounding areas, Cumbaya, Tumbaco and Quito, as well as a restaurant right on site here at Pakakuna. There is also a wonderful restaurant in Checa which serves typical Ecuadorian fare. We can give you a list of options, including Mexican, Italian, Indian, Vegetarian, etc. All of the large malls also have food courts with many American fast-food places. We will make sure you know where they are.

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